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Bio-Vitality, Inc. is a new company that has invented a systematic means to create natural corespondents to pesticides, vaccines, repellents, and deterrents that are equal to, if not more effective than, petrochemical and pharmaceutical veterinary products.  These products are custom tailored to effectively deal with parasites, viruses, and fungi.

If we could turn back time 100 years or more, human beings were much more in tune to the cycles and dealings of land, animals, and nature. People could survive without many of the amenities we have today and they could work with what was directly in front of them.  If you ever had an opportunity to be a fly on the wall in the evening of a multi-day livestock event and listen to the knowledge and means the elderly farmers used to treat and care for their animals up to the 1930s and 1940s, this information would be worth its weight in gold in the world of animal husbandry. 

We questioned one gentleman from the Midwest as to the differences he sees in farming today versus during those days gone, such as machinery versus horses, crop rotation and old organic knowledge versus petrochemical farming.  He said, “No worms in my soil and no birds over my head.”  We then asked how you go from where we are now back to how it was.  Most of us already know this answer: with equipment payments, land payments, and a high yield necessary to cover these costs.  It would take ten years of hardship before we could be declared organic. 

We have created Bio-Vitality, Inc. and designed this system as a stepping stone so that farmers, ranchers, and related AJ communities can still
maintain yield, maintain farm structure, and continue to use current practices and equipment, however, in hopes of addressing current environmental issues and energy crises, we are giving them the choice of using an effective natural product that will work for them and with nature.

It is very difficult to engineer a natural product that has vigor, is ultra-violet, and water, sun, sweat, and dirt resistant.  However, that is what we have set out to do.  While we are never going to kill every insect and pest out there, our goal is to repel and deter pests enough that there will be a death loss caused by lack of adequate hosts and starvation.

Though we are still in testing phases, the system we have created allows for such speed and accuracy that it has given us extremely satisfactory results in a very short amount of time.  We are seeing such excellent results in our products because they are not solely focused on the short-term goal of deterring the pest.  Rather, we have designed our products to achieve long-term results by exposing the animal or plant to the product through various means of applications and, as a result, the host creates a natural immunity to the pest itself.

With this system and design, we hope that Bio-Vitality, Inc. will
revolutionize the agricultural industry.

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